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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC*                 6l

London, November xyth.

We went yesterday, along with Dutens, to
Mr* M'Kenzie's at Petersham, and met Count
Woronzow, We saw stars by daylight with Mr.
M'Kenzie's equatorial — a wonderful machine, for
by calculation, and by placing the instrument with
infinite precision, you immediately point to the
star you want.

November zgth.

We dined on Monday at Barthelemy's (secre-
tary to the French Embassy), with a large com-
pany—Liicchesi, Mademoiselle d'Eon, Miss Wilkes,
Sir John Macpherson, &c., &c*

Captain ]. Payne being in the House of Com-
mons the other day, during a debate relative to
the Navy* had a note conveyed to him from another
member, desiring him to get up and explain to the
House certain sea terms which were evidently mis-
understood. The note began thus: "Sir, as you
are bread to the sea," &c,, &c. Payne took out
his pencil and answered upon the same paper, "I
am not bread to the sea, but the sea is bread to
me, and d—d bad bread it is!"